Exploring Food Systems in Puerto Rico: Post-Maria 

*2020 Dates Coming Soon*

Hike in picturesque mountains, eat fresh local foods, visit small farms, walk to waterfalls, learn about indigenous crops from farmers, visit beaches that locals love, participate in cultural activities such as bomba y plena (dance performance with drums), engage with activists involved in food sovereignty and agroecology work on the island, and leave a positive impact, knowing your trip benefits the local economy.

This trip is for you if you care about the world and your place in it, if you're curious about social issues, you want to learn directly from locals, or if you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of planning a meaningful experience like this on your own.

Activities include:

-farm visits,

-cultural and historical learning,

-workshops with local experts,

-beach/free time,


You will directly benefit the local economy, with dollars going directly to locally-owned businesses on the island. Everything has been carefully planned and curated- this will truly be a unique and unforgettable experience!  

Check out our June 2019 Trip Overview below.