Travel to Brazil: The Cookbook

This is not a run of the mill cookbook written by a culinary professional. It was created by a Brazilian travel entrepreneur who wanted to highlight the destinations she sells throughout Brazil, using the voices, stories and recipes of the people on the ground, who you will meet whilst traveling through the country.

“Travel to Brazil: The Cookbook,” contains not only recipes, but the personal stories behind them, an exploration of the different cultures also found throughout Brazil, how its history brought these foods to become tradition, and a preview of some of Brazil’s most interesting travel destinations (and travel providers).

This cookbook will make you hungry and want to cook! It will also spark your curiosity to visit Brazil and learn more about the culture.

10% of all profit on the sales of books will go to supporting organizations that promote the development of community-based tourism experiences in Brazil, such as Projeto Bagagem (a national NGO), and local organizations found in the book (Adocci, MMIB, and Instituto Negralinda).

NOTE: If you'd like to order 6 or more copies of the book, email us at


Paths Crossing Travel Card Game

Paths Crossing is a fun party game packed with conversation starters, travel trivia and reflection prompts that inspire responsible and sustainable travel decisions and foster meaningful connections.

Paths Crossing is the only travel card game available on the market specially created for the sustainable travel community - besides centering our content on sustainability, we also support fair trade, use sustainable packaging, and donate a portion of our profit to social good initiatives.

For every purchase of the game, Paths Crossing will donate at least 10% of our profit to FLYTE, Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers youth from underserved communities through transformative travel experiences.


Learn to cook Mexican salsas

We’ll meet virtually in my kitchen and yours to make Mexican salsas together. You’ll learn to cook salsas in three traditional ways: roasted, boiled and fried. Each preparation is different in technique, personality, flavor, and spice level but they’re ALL delicious and special! 

Throughout the experience you’ll receive hands-on instructions while you taste-test all the salsa you can handle. You’ll be very surprised by how easy (and fun!) it is to cook salsas at home. When we’re done you’ll have recipes to revisit whenever you’re craving salsa.

It's time for you to dance, cook, laugh and cheer. Embrace these times with positivity and relax with us!

Ideal for corporate groups, team-building, anniversaries, special celebrations and private groups.

Salsas we will cook are perfect for tacos, eggs, pasta, corn chips, nachos and much more!

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