We’ll meet virtually in my kitchen and yours to make Mexican salsas together. You’ll learn to cook salsas in three traditional ways: roasted, boiled and fried. Each preparation is different in technique, personality, flavor, and spice level but they’re ALL delicious and special! Throughout the experience you’ll receive hands-on instructions while you taste-test all the salsa you can handle. You’ll be very surprised by how easy (and fun!) it is to cook salsas at home. When we’re done you’ll have recipes to revisit whenever you’re craving salsa.


It's time for you to dance, cook, laugh and cheer. Embrace these times with positivity and relax with us!


Ideal for corporate groups, team-building, anniversaries, special celebrations and private groups.


Salsas we will cook are perfect for tacos, eggs, pasta, corn chips, nachos and much more!

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Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas

  • We are happy to have you join us for private events at other times. Please note private events are generally reserved for parties of 10 or more. While it is possible to request cooking classes for fewer individuals, a minumum of 10 tickets will be charged.

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