How You Can Get Your Travel Fix During Quarantine

Updated: May 23, 2020

As summer quickly approaches, many people are finding that they’ve had to cancel or postpone trips due to travel restrictions and COVID-19. The cancellations can be heartbreaking and we need to find ways to cope with the now available time. Boredom while being quarantined is a real phenomenon. ExplorEquity wants to provide you with some short-term solutions to alleviate some of your travel blues. We asked our followers on our social media platforms what they’re doing to get their travel fixes at home and here’s what they had to say:

This is so difficult for me! It’s like telling me I can’t breathe. I LOVE to travel! I have been looking through my travel journals/photo albums and reminiscing while continuing to make a list of ALL the places I have yet to experience!” -Dra. Dulce Lopez, PsyD; @dracrzn

“I’ve been following others’ travel memories on Instagram and looking through my own photos has been quite therapeutic in that respect.”


"In early March, we decided to cancel all international travel because it would put our African women farmers at risk. To cope with this, we've been doing video interviews with them. We miss traveling for conferences so we've been engaging via online conferences and coffee chats. I even have some Zambian-farmed honey to remind me of the local farms. Try it with an English muffin and peanut butter!"

- Michelle; @theharvestfund “I post daily, focus on gratitude and drool at travel photos on everyone's social media. We will definitely be traveling in the future, but just so grateful to have experienced so much prior to this.” -Simone Warren; @ruribluedestinations

I’ve been sorting through, archiving and editing years worth of travel footage. It’s been so cathartic and nostalgic! I finally have time to blog about some of these experiences as well but I’m just waiting until it’s more appropriate. I’ve been trying to stay off of social media but I have enjoyed everyone’s travel-related posts, videos and articles.” -Malou; @skiptomalouuu I bought some passion fruit butter from a local farm I visited in Hawaii and just had the most wonderful breakfast with it. I definitely miss the sensation and thrill of travel, and these small things bring me back!” -Anna I started going through my travel photos and sharing them on Instagram. I've been to 27 countries by the age of 23 and can't wait to visit every country in the world. I'm also learning how to edit photos and videos and watching way too many movies.” -Ena; @globetrottingsolo “I’ve been traveling since so long that home doesn’t feel like home anymore. I know this is just a transient moment, and I apply all the positive thinking and tolerance as I do while I travel, which I learned on the road. Second, I read a lot, learn new things, hear about new stories and work on new projects. The thrill of travel is that everything is always new. So if you get this newness shot every day, it’s a bit like travel. Third, I exchange a lot with all my friends who live all around the world and I make new friends through social media. Lastly, I get as much nature as I can by walking the countryside and helping out at a horse farm nearby.” - @Explorzila_voyage “COVID-19 has given me a new appreciation for staycations. Do I miss traveling? And am I disappointed I won’t be traveling to St. Louis, Colombia, and New Orleans? Absolutely! But with this opportunity to remain home for the past month, I’ve been able to try new recipes, discover international TV shows and films, and enjoy my staycation partner’s (and doggies’) company through it all.” - Adriana Smith, Travepreneur; @travepreneur “This time of shelter in place which has brought travel to a standstill has been difficult. Not only is travel intrinsic to my life but residing on a small isolated island, there is zero possibility of any travel without flights operating. This literal standstill hasn’t been all bad though. It has brought a whole new consciousness by awakening my senses to the treasures around me, even in my own backyard. The sounds, smells, and sights that I once overlooked couldn’t be any more apparent. I’ve returned to some of the simple things in life including enjoying the sounds of bird sounds, tending to the plants and herbs in my garden to make delicious teas and enjoying the fruits growing around me. I have been inspired to see this awakening taking place all around my island. With this new consciousness, I am optimistic that when travel resumes, travelers (including myself) and destinations alike - especially small islands - will emerge from the shelter in place to rediscover and reimagine travel that will be slower and more sustainable. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have been impacted by this pandemic.” -Marcelle; @ecoislandtraveller “My partner and I are using the time we have now during this crisis to work on our project: making sure that every travel plan made can make both the traveler and local grow. So we do research, test things, prepare everything, and we have already started giving advice on our Instagram profile.” -Majda; @majdatravels

"I'm getting my travel fix during this time by continuing to plan adventures and creating a support system of other travelers who love travel and adventures as much as I do."

-Shuntelle Paynter; @ajourneytotelle

We love all of the suggestions that were submitted to help the community! After some brainstorming, here are some additional suggestions we came up with:

Take virtual tours: Google Arts & Culture made headlines by working with art museums and cultural centers to provide a platform to showcase famous works of art (and hidden treasures) to audiences all over the world. YouTube also serves as a platform for travelers, experienced and amateur alike, to showcase their travels and adventures for major tourist areas but also areas that are more off-the-grid. Other museums and cultural centers are sharing their exhibits on a case-by-case basis so it’s worth checking out their social media pages to find out more!

Make recipes from around the world: As people are forced into quarantine, more individuals are cooking their own meals and turning to their kitchens as a place for exploration. Travelers and locals alike are sharing their recipes for authentic cuisine which you can make from home. What better way to connect with another culture than through food?

Learn international dances: The rise of TikTok allows people to share their moves within the comfort of their own homes. YouTube and TikTok are great platforms to find traditional global dances that you can practice, especially when no one is watching, and then dance with others (digitally, of course)!

Join ExplorEquity’s virtual events: Joining ExplorEquity’s virtual events like our upcoming happy hour & dialogue with our partners! We love talking and meeting all of you but we love building community even more. Virtual happy hours are a great way to bond with other travel lovers. It’s also a great way to learn more about how everyone else is coping with the lack of travel. Click here to see our upcoming events.

This list is not exhaustive so if an idea inspires you, be creative with your process! None of these will truly replace traveling to other countries, meeting the locals, and experiencing new cultures but we hope that they can help get us through this challenging time. Did we miss a really good idea? Let us know if there are other ways you’re able to get your travel fix right now!